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2023 Dup15q Alliance Family Conference

2023 Dup15q International Family Conference

Dup15q Alliance International Family Conferences are held every other year to provide families with an opportunity to meet and learn. We connect families and professionals, from the US and internationally, to provide pertinent information regarding Dup15q Syndrome advances and treatments. Tailored to benefit the entire family, our conferences include scientific, genetic, and clinical discussions, respite care, sibling sessions, and group activities. Sessions will be held on the latest research, treatment, and therapies with views from clinicians, providers, and parents.

Break-out sessions have also been organized for Moms and Dads that offer a wonderful opportunity to gather with other parents and share the challenges, fears, hopes, and successes of raising a family with dup15q as part of their journey. These honest exchanges bring both tears and laughter, and most of all, the healing of knowing that you are not alone in your experience parenting a child with dup15q.

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Jul 27 - 29 2023


All Day

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