2023 Dup15q Alliance Programs 6

Ask the Expert – Let’s Talk G-Tubes

Join us to talk about G-Tubes with the real experts – Our Dup15q Parent Panel

Guest Speakers: Jennifer Estvold. Ember Burke and Anne Karch

April 20th at 7:30 pm EST

Hypotonia in individuals with dup15q is associated with feeding difficulties and gross motor delays.
A  nasogastric (NG tube) or gastrostomy (G tube) may be necessary. following Clinical Feeding Evaluations and/or Radiographic Swallowing Studies  for:
– choking/gagging during feeds
– poor weight gain
– frequent respiratory illnesses
– feeding refusal that is not otherwise explained
The most common type of feeding tube is the gastrostomy (G) tube. G-tubes are placed through the abdominal wall into the stomach. This sounds scarier than it is. The G-tube surgery can be performed in three ways: surgically through small incisions using a laparoscope, surgically using a larger open incision, or endoscopically using a scope into the stomach to create the stoma from the inside. 


Apr 20 2023


7:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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