October 12, 2020

The Butterfly Pavilion is located across the street from the Westin and is within walking distance of the hotel. There are four indoor exhibits including a large conservatory where exotic butterflies fly free! Other sections feature invertebrates from around the world (including Rosie the tarantula that you can hold) and invertebrates from the ocean you can touch. There is an outdoor garden trail that has plants and flowers that attract native butterfly species.

Super-duper tips – The facility is wheelchair/stroller accessible (although the outdoor garden trail has a small hill). Aidan was more interested in the trees than the butterflies, and was not interested in all the cool bugs in the exhibits. The indoor play area is best for small kids. There are beautiful butterflies everywhere, so you have to cautious of where you step!

Overall a very unique experience that is close and accessible.

The Butterfly Pavilion

6252 W. 104th Avenue Westminster, CO 80020

Visit Butterfly Pavilion

Butter Fly
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