CANDID Conference Presentations Are Available Online

July 18, 2022

Consortium for Autism, Neurodevelopmental Disorders & Digestive Diseases (CANDID) is a  collaboration between patient advocacy groups, scientists, clinicians, and research organizations that is focused on addressing gastrointestinal dysfunction in patients with neurodevelopmental disorders like autism.

By working together in collaboration, CANDID hopes to start bridging the gaps between stakeholders and enable more sharing of knowledge across disciplines and experiences. We want family members to be informed about the latest science and research, and researchers and doctors to understand the experiences and needs of families. Our goal is to learn from one another and to advocate for more research funding in this important area.

In June, The CANDID Team hosted a free virtual conference on GI dysfunction in neurodevelopmental disorders, that includes a presentation on the results from the GI survey Dup15q families participated in.  You can watch it here.

All of the video recordings are available now at Presentations – CANDID ( or on CANDID’s YouTube channel.

You can also get a recap of the entire conference through this recent podcast episode hosted by Dr. Alycia Halladay.

Presentations include:

  • The Impact of GI Disorders on Quality of Life
  • The Big Picture (and Survey Results)
  • GI and other comorbidities in neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Brain-gut issues in an autism GI clinic
  • Growth and nutritional deficiencies – lessons from Rett Syndrome
  • The brain-gut-microbiome axis in autism spectrum disorders
  • Traditional diagnostic strategies in pediatric gastroenterology and the challenges of their application to neurodevelopmental disorders
  • A need to improve detection and monitoring of GI distress in neurodevelopmental disorders — the adult perspective
  • Adapting survey instruments to better capture gastrointestinal distress in NDD populations
  • Harnessing the power of model systems and finding non-invasive ways to collect human data
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