Dup15q Family Stories

“Life with Extra” looks different for every family. While each individual with dup15q is unique, the Dup15q community experiences ‘Life with Extra’ on a daily basis…extra services, therapies, medications, expenses, one on one time, doubt, anxiety, and concern. But with this also comes ‘Extra’ love and support. 

These are our family stories.

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Tate – Dup15q Family Story

My husband and I grew up in Tennessee around the Chattanooga area. We got married and I went to nursing school at Chattanooga State. After a couple of years, we had a little girl named Reagan. Reagan was such a blessing to us and we wanted another baby a couple of...

Haven – Dup15q Family Story

When I was first pregnant with Haven, during my 12-week ultrasound the technician found that Haven had a thick nuchal fold. I then saw a high-risk OB who did extensive ultrasounds of her development, focusing heavily on her heart and found nothing. Other than the...

Ella – Dup15q Family Story

My husband Matt and I have been married for 23 years. We live in the western suburbs of Chicago with our kids Ava, Ella, and Peter and dog Hank. I have worked in labor and delivery for 20 years as a surgical technician. Matt is an employee benefits consultant and a...