Dup15q Alliance is part of one of 30 patient groups selected!

February 6, 2020
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative selected 30 patient groups, all focused on advancing research in a rare disease, to each receive $450,000 over two years.

We are proud to announce the Dup15q Alliance in collaboration with  Project 8p is one of the groups selected for the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative!!!!  #RareAsOne

“The funding for patient groups is the latest project to come out of CZI’s science initiative, which was launched in 2016 with a budget of $3 billion over a decade — and a pledge “to cure, prevent or manage all diseases within our children’s lifetime.”


“The Rare As One grant will support the creation of a Commission on Novel Technologies for Neurodevelopmental Copy Number Variants (CNVs), a collaboration between Project 8p and the Dup15q Alliance.This collaboration has identified that working together is the only way to increase impact across complex CNVs. We are vigilant to the fact that collaboration to improve large scale commercialized methods is lacking in rare diseases often due to a sense of urgency to save lives coupled with competition for limited resources and know-how (more patients than experts). Our project aims to support existing technologies and drive the development of new technologies that will truly help patients with the mind-set that solving one neurodevelopmental disorder gets us one step closer to solving the next one” – Vanessa Vogel – Farley, Dup15q Alliance Executive Director


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