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Dup15q Alliance has been providing family support and advocacy to families affected by dup15q syndrome for over 28 years. We envision a world where families, clinicians, and advocates enable dup15q individuals to thrive. We are proud to continue to offer programs that help uplift, support, and engage our community as well as offering expert care through our dup15q clinics. Membership is FREE to dup15q families.

Registering as a member of the Dup15q Alliance gives you full access to all of the programs and resources that the Alliance offers including:

  • Information about dup15q syndrome including symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.
  • Private Parent-to-Parent Facebook Support Group
  • Educational Resources including brochures, printables, family dup15q family conferences, and webinars
  • Dup15q Clinics through the LADDER Learning Network
  • Programs for families and siblings who also experience the effects of this diagnosis
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Dup15q Alliance provides family support for those affected by chromosome 15q11.2-13.1 duplication (dup15q) syndrome. For duplications outside this core region, including edge or microduplications at the ends of these coordinates, please see our resources for other 15q disorders page.

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