“Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure, you are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.”

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In Loving Memory of Layton Roberson

2008 – 2017

On this day, we celebrate the life of Layton Cade Roberson who was born on June 2, 2008 to Andrea and Jason Roberson. God allowed us to borrow one of his angels, named Layton, for eight short, yet beautiful years. Layton loved his teachers and third-grade classmates at Eagle Ridge Elementary School. He touched the hearts and lives of everyone he met, and he had a unique gift of speaking with his big beautiful eyes. His eyes spoke to us and taught us about joy, forgiveness, patience, unsurpassed peace, the absence of judgment, the absence of anger, and the complete absence of fear, which placed him in many precarious situations! He was not afraid of the dark, barking dogs, moving cars, or loud voices.

Like most children with Dup15q, Layton was drawn to water. He loved playing in the bathtub, with kitchen or bathroom faucets, with sprinklers, on beaches, and especially in swimming pools. Layton and Gramma Sheila enjoyed many Saturdays at the Indian Hills Hot Springs pool. He would kick those long legs, move his arms from side-to-side, and turn circles in the water with his entire body. Water energized his mind, his spirit, and his soul. Lay Lay, LG, L-Dog, I-Diggity, or the Prince as he was nicknamed by his family members was a happy boy. His big, beautiful, innocent smile allowed him to make friends wherever he ventured, be it in parks, trails, someone’s backyard, the grocery store, church, restaurants, school, or daycare. Along his journey, Layton collected several small objects and filled his pockets with them making laundry day a true and interesting adventure.

Like most boys, Layton enjoyed playing with cars, trucks, and trains: he loved the “choo choos” and the sound of roaring engines, and he especially enjoyed humming the tune of Thomas the Train. Layton also loved puzzles, strings, ropes, the stripes on zebras, stacking and un-stacking chairs, anything with magnets, and above all, Layton LOVED keys- not the plastic play keys, but the real deal. He and his Grandfathers, Eddie and Michael, would “drive” the car after they allowed Layton to put the key in and turn it. Although Layton had a small frame, he could eat and eat and eat. BBQ ribs were his absolute favorite, followed by Gramma Arnetta’s cooking (anything she cooked). He also enjoyed popcorn, chicken nuggets, bacon, fresh spinach, raw carrots, sweet pickles, steamed broccoli, crunchy baked stringed beans, cole slaw, French fries, and waffles. Sitting in Gramma’s laps singing and snuggling right before nap time or bedtime is a cherished memory never to be forgotten, like so many with his parents and family members.

Layton Cade Roberson, we love you, and you will never be forgotten. You are an extraordinary angel that has returned home after completing your assignment with honor and grace and perfection on February 9, 2017. You are in our hearts forever. Layton Cade Roberson is survived by: his parents, Jason Roberson and Andrea Johnson; grandmothers: Rev. Sheila A Johnson and Arnetta F. Roberson; aunts: Michelle Fox, Stephanie Thompson, Melanie Roberson, Goldie Gabriel Johnson; uncle, Michael W. Johnson; brother, Knox Roberson; cousins: Angelique Fox, Alexa, Athena, Ariella and Joshua Thompson, Michael Beau Gabriel Johnson, Noah and Rowen Heinz, and a host of other relatives and friends. For information about Dup15q and ways you can support the organization, please visit: www.dup15q.org