“Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure, you are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.”

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In Loving Memory of Michael Brady

1984 – 2009

Our remarkable son Michael was with us from July 9, 1984, until January 12, 2009. He passed suddenly in his sleep, but he made quite a mark in his short time on this earth. I would like to share a few things about who Michael was.

He was an Olympic athlete, participating in three Special Olympic competitions.

He was a graduate of Northview High School, where he attended Senior Prom and went with his date in a limo. He was so excited on graduation day he made his mom and me walk across the stage with him when he accepted his diploma.

Michael was an artist. His favorite medium was the crayon. He used yellow for leaves and orange for faces and colored in both a realistic style and an abstract style.

Michael was a film critic. He was not fond of movies using real people; he favored animation. Some days he had to watch the same movie many times in a row to make sure they did not make any changes he did not approve of.

Michael was not the best at remembering a person’s name after meeting them for the first time but, upon seeing them again, he would tell you it was the lady with the green shirt. Of course, the lady would not be wearing a green shirt then, but she had been the first time he met her. That was how he remembered new faces and friends—by the color, style, and specific items they were wearing. Michael was a bookworm. He was not very big on all those words, but he did love the illustrations. He would set his alarm after his mom put him to bed and quietly stay awake looking at books for hours. Probably a teacher is the most important thing Michael was. He showed us what pure joy and happiness are and what giving 100% means. He showed us the true meaning of patience and that forgiveness is a way of being. He showed us that doctors are human and do not always have the right answer, procedure or pill, but that it is OK not to always have an answer.

Michael showed us that a person is who they are on the inside, not what they look like on the outside. Michael showed us to live in the moment because it is where all the fun is happening; he showed us that moms and dads are the most important people in everyone’s life; and Michael taught us that every day is a blessing and to never take it for granted.