Lucas T.  Ahn Family Scholarship Recipient

March 16, 2022

Congratulations to Julia Godinez, an undergraduate at UC Davis working in Dr. Janine LaSalle’s Lab, on being the first recipient of the Lucas T. Ahn Family Scholarship!  Dr. LaSalle’s Lab studies the epigenetics of neurodevelopmental disorders including dup15q syndrome

“I am interested in dup15q syndrome research to help further our understanding of the disease and to develop therapeutic treatments. I would love to help in whatever way I can to make it easier for individuals living with dup15q and their families. I hope that in some way this ongoing research can provide tools to allow individuals with dup15q to live healthy and fulfilling lives.” – Julia

Many Thanks to the Ahn Family for supporting this Scholarship!
The Lucas T. Ahn Family Scholarship, funded by the Ahn Family, is a one-time gift to support a student who has an interest in exposure to a laboratory environment that targets Dup15q research.

“Our hope is that one day, advances in research will lead to targeted therapies thathelps Lucas to gain more cognitive abilities, reduce seizure frequencies and help him be more independent with all aspects of daily life.” – Ahn Family