Possible Celontin shortage

August 2, 2021
Pfizer, the maker of Celontin (methsuximide) have informed the Epilepsy Foundation that there will likely be a shortage of the medication starting in early August and lasting through September. Generic substitute for this medication is not available.

Celontin is a medication that is not in common use. It is primarily used to treat a seizure type called absence. This seizure type usually begins in childhood. Often, Celontin is used when other medicines fail to control seizures.

The Epilepsy Foundation is dedicated to keeping people with epilepsy safe. We would like to provide some general information to help people avoid any serious health consequences of the Celontin shortage.

  • If you take Celontin, it is extremely important to talk to your prescribing health care provider to ensure that you will have a plan in advance of any medication shortage.
  • Celontin should not be stopped suddenly. If you discover that you will not have sufficient supply of Celontin, you and your health care provider should discuss a plan for slow withdrawal or temporary substitution of a replacement medication.
  • If possible, try to obtain information on the reason and circumstances under which  Celontin was started. This will help your health care provider create a plan in the event of an interruption. Did you fail other medicines or have negative reactions? How bad were seizures prior to Celontin?
If you have an interruption or reduction in your Celontin regim