The Dup15q Alliance IEP Handbook

All About IEPs – Introduction

Nearly every child with Dup15q Syndrome requires special education and therapies.  Because the process of developing an education plan for your child can be confusing and overwhelming, the Dup15q IEP and Education Committee has created the IEP handbook as a resource to help navigate this process. This binder will cover a general overview of the IEP process,  basic information regarding IEP issues, as well as, specific information about Dup15q Syndrome that may  be considered by your IEP team. It is important to keep in mind that while each state and local school systems may differ with regard to the information they incorporate to meet federal and state compliance, the majority of information shared in this handbook is likely applicable in school districts throughout the United States. 

The IEP Handbook is the result of a collaborative effort by members of the IEP and Education Committee to gather materials and advice from fellow parents, educators, and advocates with regard to the IEP process.  The intent of this document is to help parents and caregivers through the IEP journey.   This handbook does not constitute legal advice. You may need to consult an attorney or advocate for your specific situation.  


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Start with a Vision

Articulate your view of the endgame.

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Make sure your child’s evaluations are comprehensive and accurate in order to get the services he/she needs.

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IEP Process Overview

What is an IEP?  Who makes an IEP?  How is an IEP created?

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Parent’s Role and Legal Rights under IDEA/ADA

A list of some of your rights as a parent of a special needs child.

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Lisa Feehery 
Krissa Harris 
Julia Jordanich  
Allison Lesh 
Lisa Lightner  
Tina Mueller 
Tessa Quinlan 
Brandi Viter