Dup15q Syndrome: IEP Supports and Services

It is imperative that children with Dup15q Syndrome receive special education services as well as various therapies. This raises countless questions with regard to which school-based supports and services should be included in the IEP for your child. Questions that you may be asking may include the following:

  • While at school, should my child be receiving occupational therapy? Speech therapy? Physical therapy? Water therapy? And if so, how frequently?  
  • While at school, should my child be receiving Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy  to help with skills (such as eating, toilet training, and communicating), and to further curb difficult behaviors?  And if so, how frequently?
  •  Should my child be in a self contained classroom or included in the general education classroom? Or a combination of both? 


This section defines common supports and services which should be considered in the IEP process for your child, as well as other resources such as seizure plans, emergency medical form, communication logs, and IEP organizers.

What is a helpful description of Dup15q for the IEP process?

What types of evaluations are helpful for a Dup15q child for the IEP process?

  • The Evaluation Process 
  • Description of Functioning; common needs and appropriate support/placement for dup15q children 

A clinical expert on Dup15q syndrome provides her recommendations on a child’s services and therapies based on his/her level of intellectual disability.

How can I set  up seizure management in the school setting?

Downloadable Seizure Action Plan with Emergency Seizure Care Instructions.

A free, interactive course developed by the Epilepsy Foundation as a part of the school nurse training program to help promote a positive social and educational environment for students living with seizures and epilepsy.

Downloadable information sheet on how to recognize and respond to seizures.

  • Sample communication log [TBD]
  • Emergency medical form [TBD]

Items to consider adding on a school emergency medical form (e.g., antihistamines, benzos, anesthesia)

  • Prevalence of  Autism in Dup15q [TBD]
  • IEP Organizer, by A Day in Our Shoes [To add link]