October 12, 2020

The most popular park in Colorado with good reason! The entrance to RMNP is about 1 hour from the hotel, but it is an all-day trip. Drive from 8000 feet in altitude to well over 14,000 feet with spectacular views along the way. There are wheelchair accessible trails (see link) as well as 300 miles of trails to challenge any hiker. Currently the park is doing timed permits to limit the number of people in the park.

Super-duper tips – Know before you go! Since the park takes you high in elevation, take plenty of water, a light jacket (can drop 10-20 degrees quickly) and snacks. Make sure to hike early in the day and watch the skies to avoid lightning/thunderstorms. This is a great option for kids who like car trips. Also, it is a National Park so would be free for those with America the Beautiful parks pass (US citizens with a permanent disability).

Visit Rocky Mountain

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