Stella -Dup15q Family Story

January 5, 2018

Stella Shea Roman was born August 30, 2015. When Stella was four months old we started noticing she wasn’t meeting her milestones. We took Stella to her four month well visit and her pediatrician said she was a little lazy and that we should push her more.

At her five month visit I told the Dr. that something just wasn’t right… she was flopping her head forward and had very little control of it. She was not making eye contact and didn’t really show interest in anything, not even her older brother. The doctor referred us to a developmental pediatrician and a physical therapist evaluation.

StellaAt that point we were advised to do genetic testing. Before we were able to attend our appointment with the genetic doctor, Stella started having infantile spasms and we went to see a neurologist right away. There were several possibilities to what was causing the spasms. Brain tumor, Prader Willi syndrome and cerebral palsy were all discussed. We got admitted to the EMU at Hackensack Hospital that day… I have to say that was the first of many scary days to come for us on this journey. Stella was connected to an EEG and also prepped for an MRI and we were in the hospital for about 4 days monitoring the spasms. She was put on a compounded form of Topamax. Luckily for us, her MRI was clean and we felt like we were out of the woods… but we were still waiting on genetic tests results which usually take months to receive.

We went home with Stella, at this point she was 6 months old and the spasms still occurred despite the medication. We then received the call from our Neurologist letting us know that Stella had Dup15q. He was not even aware of what it was – he told us to go on the Dup15q Alliance page to get more information and to also go see our genetic doctor for a more formal follow-up. We did go on the Dup15q Alliance page and watched the “Believe” video, and it brought us to tears… we didn’t know what to expect and reading the information on the page was very overwhelming for us since this was all so new and so much to take in at one time. We just became focuse