The Wild Animal Sanctuary

January 20, 2021
Just north of Denver (about 40 minutes from the hotel), this animal sanctuary has saved thousands of animals from captive situations, watch this movie (Lion Ark) to find out more! Over 600 Lions, Tiger, Bears, and Wolves, all with a story about how they arrived in Colorado. 789 aces are wild habitat for the animals to roam free, 1. 5 miles of elevated walkways to observe them. Worth the drive for you animal lovers.

The Sanctuary is not a Zoo and offers a completely different experience than what most people are used to.  Our rescued animals live in large acreage open habitats and are never forced to remain front-and-center just so people can see them easier.

Yet, our elevated walkway (which is more than 1.5 miles long) spans across numerous habitats and provides plenty of opportunities for our guests to see many of the rescued animals closer.

Visit the Sanctuary