Vanessa Vogel-Farley joins our Board! 

October 12, 2021

Vanessa Vogel-Farley joins our Board! 

As we pass our 17th anniversary as being officially incorporated into a nonprofit organization, we celebrate our past and look to our future. 

It was just forty-five years ago that the first description of a person with idic(15) was published. It wasn’t until 1994 that the community now known as the Dup15q Alliance was originally founded under the name IDEAS, with a membership of just 13 families.

Through the hard work and support of families, past leadership, volunteers and donors, our advocacy and awareness has led to over 2,200 Dup15q families finding support in the Alliance.

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Dup15q Alliance is thankful for the past 5 years of service from Executive Director, Vanessa Vogel-Farley. Before serving the Alliance she worked at the University of Minnesota Center for Neurobehavioral Development and as the Clinical Research Coordinator for the Division of Developmental Medicine Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience, Boston Children’s Hospital, collaborating with researchers at MIT and Ha