Earn Free Conference Rewards

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Would you like to earn registration fees and hotel nights for our next conference?

Join our team of volunteers in fundraising for the Dup15q Alliance Mission and offset the cost of attending our family conference in 2025! You can earn conference registration rewards and nights in the conference hotel based on the amount of money you raise for Dup15q Alliance.

2025 Amended Earned Conference Rewards Guidelines.

Fundraisers held from January 1st, 2024 until December 31, 2024 will qualify for Conference 2025 Rewards. 

  • Level 1 – Raise $2,500+ to earn 1 free Conference Registration
  • Level 2 – Raise $5,000+ to earn 2 free Conference Registrations
  • Level 3 – Raise $10,000+ to earn 2 free Conference Registrations and 2 free nights at the conference hotel.

Contact us at believe@dup15q.org to register your event or with any questions.

How do I qualify to earn Conference Rewards?

To qualify for earned rewards for the 2025 Dup15q Family Conference, families must hold a single fundraising event from January 1st, 2024 until December 31, 2024 that totals more than the minimum Level 1. The person doing the fundraiser can be extended family (Grandma, Uncle Joe, mom’s best friend, etc.) the rewards will be awarded to the Dup15q family. 

They can choose 1 of 2 ways to do this:

    • Fundraise in person (run a marathon, co-organize a Believe walk, host their own party/event on our behalf, etc.)
    • Use our online fundraising platform to create their own campaign page which can be shared any way they choose; however, donations must come through our website/platform, not FB, IG, etc. We will provide very minimal staff support for these, it must be their effort to create the page and generate donations.

Details on Qualifying for and Earning Rewards:

    • All donations that come in during the 2024 calendar year will count toward the earned rewards levels to be used for the 2025 conference (for each family that qualifies), whether they are for the qualifying event or not. 
    • We can’t always see and/or track who is hosting social media fundraisers, due to privacy settings, so social media fundraisers can’t be used as a qualifying event.  However, all funds donated to the Alliance, where we receive notification that the donation is “in honor of” a family will be counted toward their total used for determining a reward level, even if that donation is made on social media.  There are times when someone donates to a family’s Facebook or Instagram fundraiser, and that platform does not provide us with the name of the family who created the fundraiser they are donating to.  In those cases, we cannot count that donation toward any family’s rewards.
    • The amount used for qualification is NET of any costs paid by the Alliance for the fundraiser.
    • If you host a larger event in partnership with multiple families, the earning totals for the amount raised will be split among organizers. Earning totals would include ticket sales, general donations to the event, sponsorships, raffles/auctions at the event. Individual fundraisers for the larger event will earn rewards on donations (not ticket sales).


    • Example 1- A member of the Burke family runs a marathon, and we pay a race fee of $500 for their spot. They need to raise $500 to cover the fee plus $2,500 above that to qualify.
    • Example 2– The King Family organizes a Believe Walk with the Paradis Family. The walk itself generates $8,000 from registration fees and sponsorships, but the costs total $4,000 (for a net of $4,000.) The King and Paradis families each receive earned rewards credit for $2,000. The King and Murphy families each create their own fundraiser page and share it to generate donations for the Walk. Both pages raise $1,000 each. The King family would qualify for earned rewards (they raised over $2,500 for the Walk), the Murphy and Paradis families would not.
    • Example 3– The Powers family creates a Facebook birthday fundraiser using Facebook tools and raises $2.500 in donations through Facebook. This does NOT qualify them for earned rewards.
    • Example 4- The Paradis family runs a marathon in January 2024 and earns $5,000 after race fees are covered. Their friend Sam donates $5,000 in December 2024, and another $5,000 in March 2025. They do qualify for rewards due to the marathon. They will get rewards for $10,000. (Sam’s March 2025 donation does not count.)

Details on Using Earning Rewards: 

    • Rewards for donations made in a duper’s name, regardless of who is hosting a fundraiser, will be applied to the named duper. The registration and hotel coupon codes for rewards earned will be sent to the legal guardian of  the duper. Dup15q Alliance will not be responsible for tracking and disbursing rewards to stepparents, grandparents, friends, or other extended family, because we can’t verify the nature of all the relationships that exist around our dupers, and our families’ safety and privacy are predominant. 
      • Example– Aunt Julie runs a marathon in honor of Brendan and raises $5,000 in this event. Any earned free registrations will go to Brendan’s mom, who is his legal guardian and was registered with us as his main point of contact. Brendan’s mom can choose to register Aunt Julie with their group for the conference, and they can apply one of the earned rewards coupon codes for her to attend for free. The Alliance will not send coupon codes to Aunt Julie. 
    • Rewards earned can NOT be rolled over to future events. This was something we did during the 2021 conference only due to Covid.  
    • Rewards earned can NOT be transferred to other Dup15q Alliance families. We have done this in the past; however, there is no error-free way to track these and ensure that only one family is using the coupon codes provided.
    • Registrations earned:
      • Families wishing apply earned rewards to conference registration costs must register through the Dup15q Alliance conference registration website and apply the coupon code provided to them at least 30 days prior to the conference start date. 
    • Hotel nights earned:
      • Families making a hotel reservation and planning to use Earned Rewards to offset some of the cost must still provide the hotel with a credit card.
      • Families are responsible for making their own hotel reservation using the website or phone number and Group Code that we provide. If a family does not use our group code or makes a hotel reservation through another platform (ie Booking.com, Expedia) rewarded hotel nights cannot be applied, and they are responsible for the full cost of their room.
      • Families making a hotel reservation and planning to use Earned Rewards must email the Dup15q Alliance Business Manager with the reservation confirmation number, the full name on the reservation, and check-in and check-out dates, within 1 week of making said reservation, in order to utilize earned hotel nights.
      • If families make a reservation at a different hotel than the conference location, rewarded hotel nights cannot be applied, and they are responsible for the full cost of their room.
      • If all available rooms in our discount block fill up Dup15q Alliance will not attempt to find any family an open room or make a reservation on their behalf.