Programs and Resources

Dup15q Alliance has been providing family support and advocacy to families affected by dup15q syndrome for over 30 years. We envision a world where families, clinicians, and advocates enable dup15q individuals to thrive. We are proud to continue to offer programs that help uplift, support, and engage our community by providing the basic principles that the Alliance was founded upon through a variety of resources and support options, including:

  • Information about dup15q syndrome including symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment.
  • Educational Resources including brochures, printables, family dup15q family conferences, and webinars
  • Dup15q Clinics through the LADDER Learning Network
  • Community Connection Programs for families and siblings affected by dup15q syndrome.
  • Support and resources to navigate the various transitions of the dup15q journey.
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Our Programs

Newly Diagnosed Support

New family support calls
Resources and support
New Family Parent Ambassadors

Community Connections

Community Connections Chat
Regional Gatherings

Families in Crises Program

The Dup15q Counseling
Wrapped in Love Support
Parent Ambassador Peer Support

Navigating Teen Life

Adaptive Items
IEP Transition into High School

Transitioning to Adult Life

Transition Educational Course
Transition Tools and Resources
Coming soon – Transition to Adulthood Road Map

Adult Life Connections

Adult Life Connections Calls
Adult Life Resources
Adult Life

Sibling Matters Program

Sibshops: virtual connections for siblings
VIP Sibling Kits
Sibling Spotlight

Junior Believe Ambassador

Support for youth who want to raise awareness and educate others about dup15q syndrome.

Bereavement Connections Program

Bereavement Connections Call
In Loving Memory Memorial Wall

Navigating School/IEP

The Dup15q Alliance IEP Handbook
IEP Help Ticket
School Tools and Resources

Navigating Financial Planning

 SSI and SSDI and Special Needs Trusts
ABLE Account
Autism Speaks – Financial Planning

Super Duper Birthday Club

Sending a little sunshine
to individuals with dup15q
on their birthday.

Clinic Travel Support Fund

Support for families who have a need for their child seen at a Dup15q Clinic.


Resources for International Families

Resources to help families begin their search for information relevant to their particular diagnosis.

Support for Other 15q Disorder

Resources to help families begin their search for information relevant to their particular diagnosis.

On Demand

Get our past family conference sessions On Demand and organized by category.

Insurance Coverage tips

Insurance Coverage Tips for Adaptive Items


Resources by State

Search State Government Agencies Resources


Resource Navigator

Non-profit assistance
Community Support
Funding Resources

Extended Support

Extended Support Webinars
Newsletters and information