In Loving Memory

“Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure, you are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.”


Rachel Karch

1986 – 2023

“Rachel attracted love and brought joy with her perseverance, intensity, and enthusiasm in the face of daunting life challenges.”

Luke Segars

Luke Segars

2007 – 2020

“Luke taught us… That life is in the present. To have empathy, kindness, and gratitude. That life with Pringles, pretzels and sugar cookies with tea was the perfect way to sit and be cuddled.”

Hoffman e1659011952984

Kyle Hoffman

1990 – 2019

“Kyle had a sense of joy and happiness that he shared with us every day and we are so grateful for all the years we had with him.”

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Sam Koury

2006 – 2019

“Sam was a young man full of life, love, and living. He always had time for any animal whether it be the dogs and cats at the pet store or the animal shelter.”

Dylan King e1663290657275

Dylan King

2003 – 2020

“I miss his beautiful smile it would just make my day and take all my worries away. He taught me to never give up that no challenge was too big.”


Fynn Cox

2009 – 2017

“Fynn taught us to be patient, in the moment, and to listen. He is greatly loved and missed by his family and many in the community.”

Clare True 1 e1659015722678

Clare True

1980 – 2006

“With her innate grace, confidence and uncanny wit, Clare made countless close friends around the world.”

Colleen Bruton Springfield PA e1659015105886

Colleen Bruton

1990 – 2017

“The wonderful Wizard of Oz once said…“A heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others.”

jackson campaloni e1663301131317

Jackson Campolmi

2001 – 2021

“We understood Jacksons gift was to help people accept others and celebrate that every person is unique and has value and joy to give to the world.”

Kyle Barrett

Kyle Barrett

1984 – 2017

“Kyle only knew love in this life, and it is this love he leaves us with.”

Layton Robinson e1663301366674

Layton Roberson

2008 – 2017

“Layton touched the hearts and lives of everyone he met, and he had a unique gift of speaking with his big, beautiful eyes.”

kevin chamberlin photo for obit e1664457996858

Kevin Chamberlain

1995 – 2007

“Kevin was a gentle child and a quiet soldier, who gave unconditional love to family, friends and caregivers. He shared his joy and curiosity about life through sweet smiles and engaging gestures.”

Eric Hoffman 1

Eric Hoffmann

1990 – 2016

“Eric touched many lives and never met a stranger. He loved country music, animals, swimming, bike riding, and giving hugs. “

Anna Miller was 22 in this pic Highland Park IL e1664305200163

Anna Miller

1988 – 2011

” My advice to everyone: love your family, and cherish them. Hug them”

Michael Hauler e1664305623634

Michael Hauler

1980 – 2015

“Though he lacked the power of speech, Michael conveyed his kindness and loving nature with a warm smile, a gentle touch, and the kind of enthusiasm parents pray for.”

Tyler K rotated e1664393075627

Tyler Kobuszewski

2000 – 2014

“Tyler’s many interests included swimming, boating, ATV, singing, walks, and the outdoors. He also loved Christmas, being read to, and spending time with his family.”

Colby Mosley

Colby Mosely

2001 – 2017

“Colby touched the lives of the people who had the privilege of knowing him. He was so happy and his smile would melt your heart. “

Evan Mackey

Evan MacKey

1994 – 2017

“He loved his family, spending time with his siblings and his Papaw, listening to music, traveling and going to the beach”

Haley Plate

Hayley Plate

1999 – 2018

“Hayley knew how to have a good time. Her giggle was infectious, and you could hear it throughout the house.”

Kelly Almond 1630599750

Kelly Almond

1998- 2021

“Kelly had a way of melting your heart and putting you in your place at a moment’s notice. She shared her light with so many during our blessed 22 years with her.”

Micheal Brady e1659015073721

Michael Brady

1984 – 2009

“Michael showed us that a person is who they are on the inside, not what they look like on the outside. Michael showed us to live in the moment because it is where all the fun is happening”

Charly Curtis e1666643564914

Charly Curtis

2012 – 2019

“She taught to always be patient and know that each day is a new day and a new chance to try again at what we couldn’t do yesterday”

Sarah Bernaldo e1666643642132

Sarah Bernaldo

1994 – 2017

“Fill your lives with laughter every day, with joy and the reawakening of the child within who sees wonder everywhere they look.”

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Declan Holmes

2015 – 2022

“Declan was the light of our lives. He always found a way to make the best of every situation and had a passion for music. His smile could light up a room. We miss him everyday.”

Sam ODonovan

Sam O’Donovan


“While Sam could not communicate very much, he could show great determination and willpower and could be very clear in his choices”